Lighthouse Family Resource Center

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            Lighthouse FRC

The Lighthouse Family Resource Center                                

      "Lighting the Way to Learning!"                                     


The Lighthouse FRC strives to remove any barriers (physical, emotional, mental, social, etc) that may interfere with a child's learning or his/her success in school so that an environment is created that allows children and families to feel empowered and successful.


FRC Hours :

Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 3:00 pm                                         

Located in Room #54 in Trigg County Primary/Trigg County Intermediate.


 Ashley Hunter                                        

Ashley Hunter, Coordinator 
Lighthouse FRC Phone: 270-522-2724                 

Beverly Curling

Beverly Curling, Assistant
Lighthouse FRC Phone: 270-522-2724                            


Services are available to ALL students, families, and staff.  Our services include: 

* Assistance with childcare
* Assistance with After-school and Summer Childcare
* Families in Training * Parent and Child Education 
* Health Services or Referral to Health Services


Our Family Resource Center at work!

Dental Bus Trip to Frankfort Dental Bus


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