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Vision Statement

Trigg County Public Schools will empower each student to thrive, compete and excel in an ever changing world.  


Mission Statement

Empowering the Next Generation with world class knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for success.


Vision, Mission, Core Values


Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile


Strategic Plan

Trigg County Strategic Plan


Deeper Learning Teacher Resource Page

Resource Page


Competency Based Learning

What is Competency Education?

Competency Education:  Putting students at the center

Why We Need Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education is Working

Competency Based or Personalized Learning

Dispelling Myths:  Frequently Asked Questions about Competency Based Education


Deeper Learning

Would you know deeper learning if you saw it?

How Do We Define and Measure Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning:  What Is It and Why Is It So Important

Does Deeper learning Improve Student Outcomes:  Results From the Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes

Deeper Learning for Every Student Every Day


Mastery Learning

Lessons of Mastery Learning

Research Says / Simple Is Not Always Easy

How Good is Good Enough?

A Day in a Mastery-Centered Classroom


Project Based Learning

What is PBL?

What PBL is NOT.

Trigg County Project Based Learning Key Strategy Sheet


Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning:  Transform Learning for All Learners

The Institute for Personalized Learning

The Shifting Paradigm of Teaching:  Personalized Learning According to Teachers

Trigg County Personalized Learning Key Strategy Sheet


Blended Learning

Video at

Blended Learning Definitions

The Benefits of Blended Learning



Mean What You Say:  Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency Education

Critical Attributes under the Umbrella of Personalize Learning

The Future of Learning (2Revolutions)



University of Kentucky Next Generation Leadership Academy

KM Explore

High Tech High

Summit Public Schools

Buck Institute for Education

Magnify Learning