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TCPS Educational Foundation

The Trigg County Public Schools Educational Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization having a principal fund of its own which is managed by its own trustees. It is established to aid educational activities serving young people in Trigg County.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is the development of an alternative source of income to provide supplemental support for the programs, scholarships, and activities of Trigg County. The Foundation will serve as a means of uniting the community and Trigg schools in a meaningful relationship. This partnership will help support the educational programs, scholarship, and activities of the school district. The Foundation will create opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to contribute to the benefit of Trigg County's young people. Contributions are tax deductible since the Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit organization in accordance with IRS regulations.


Current Programs Include:
A. Undesignated Contributions
B. General Scholarships
C. Designated Scholarships
     1. Hilda Bridges Scholarship
     3. George & Mary Emma Bleidt
     6. Cadiz High School Alumni
     7. Dr. John and Mary Futrell
     8. Dr. Elias N. & Anna Duncan Futrell Scholarship
     9. Fannye Wallace Scholarship
    10. Boots Randolph Scholarship
    11. Trigg Co. Class of 1950
    13. Mary A. Lander Scholarship
    14. Gertie Thomas Scholarship
    15. Roy McDonald Scholarship
    16. Class of 1961 Scholarship

1. Elementary Academic Programs
2. Teacher Mini-Grants
3. Quilting Incentive Program
4. Class of 1963


Would you like to be a part of the Trigg County Public Schools Educational Foundation's efforts?

Contact us: 
Trigg County Education Foundation
PO Box 568
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211
Phone:  270-535-8991  

Funds and Giving

Funds and Giving