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Central Office Personnel

Meet our staff:

Bill Thorpe


Bridgette Sykes - 
Secretary to the Superintendent/
Community Education Coordinator
Matt Boehman -
Assistant Superintendent
of Curriculum and Instruction
Connie Herndon -
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
of Curriculum and Instruction
James Mangels -
Director of Student Services/Personnel
Melanie Green -
Secretary to Director of Student Services/
Mandy Byrd -
Director of Special Education
Carolyn Carlson -
Front Desk Receptionist and
Secretary to the Director of Special Education
Holly Greene -
District Finance Officer/Treasurer
Keana Hyde -
Assistant Treasurer
April Colson
Benefits Specialist
Sherrie Heidel -
Attendance Specialist
Rory Fundora
Chief Information Officer
Jonathan Pepper -
Technology Support Manager
Dawn Worth
Computer Technology Specialist
Cameron Spratt
Computer Technology Specialist
Alaysia Radford
District Counselor


Angelica Garnett -
Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Katie Grimm
School Psychologist
Faye Stevens
Instructional Supervisor
Melissa Gilkey -
Digital Learning Coach


Matt Ladd
Matt Ladd -
Director of Operations