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Yearly Documents and Notices

2024-25 Academic Calendar

2023-24 Code of Conduct 

2023-24 Household Income Form

2024-25 Assault and Threats of Violence Annual Notice



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Publication Form 09.14 AP.12

Publication Form 09.14 AP.251


Frequently Asked Questions

Can our child attend Trigg County Public Schools if we don't reside in Trigg County?

Recent legislation has changed regarding where students can attend school.  If you do not reside in Trigg County and have children you wish to enroll, contact the Board of Education.  Applications will be accepted and students will be reviewed and accepted based on staffing and space availablity.


Can our child enroll in Kindergarten early?

Children must be five years old by August 1 to be eligible to enroll in kindergarten. However, if your child will turn five (5) years old before December 31, parents may request early enrollment to Kindergarten. Trigg County Public Schools will work with you to determine if your child demonstrates the advanced school readiness skills needed to be successful in school.  Please review all the information in the Parent Guide for Early K Enrollment and contact the Primary School Guidance Office if you have additional questions or would like to submit your completed request.


What is the attendance policy of Trigg County Schools?

Students may have up to ten (10) events (absences or tardies) excused by any combination of parent notes and doctors for the school year.  Students must be signed out by the parent or emergency contact on file.  A “call-in excuse” cannot be accepted in place of a note.  An actual note must be sent to the school of the student.  In order for an absence to be excused after a student has exhausted his/her 10 notes, a note from a medical professional, or other documentation as outlined in Trigg County Board of Education Policy 09.123, must be presented.

After ten (10) events (absences or tardies) have been excused with a “traditional” doctor’s note or parent, the parent will be required to obtain and submit a completed Trigg County Schools Medical Excuse Form (MEF) in order for the student to be excused.  This form may be printed from the Trigg County Schools website or obtained from the Guidance Offices.

The written absentee note (Parent Note, Doctor’s Note, Medical Excuse Form, or another valid excuse) must be received by designated school personnel within the first three (3) school days of the student's return to school or the absence will remain unexcused. 

Any student who accumulates six (6) unexcused absences (of any percentage) or tardies, or any combination of six (6) unexcused absences and tardies, is considered legally truant and may be subject to court proceedings.  Please refer to Trigg County Board of Education Policy 09.123 which further explains truancy as well as excused and unexcused absences.

Rather than having a note faxed from a medical office, it is highly recommended that notes be hand-delivered to your child’s school.  This way you can be sure of delivery of the note in a timely manner. If a note must be faxed, please verify it has been received before your three (3) day time limit has expired.  

Parents and students can access their Infinite Campus Portal online and via a mobile app to view grades, attendance, and other information in real-time.  New portal accounts or password resets may be requested in the guidance office of your child’s school. View our attendance flyer.  


What is an Educational Enhancement Opportunity?

An Educational Enhancement Opportunity (EHO) is a trip or an activity of significant educational value that may enhance a child’s education. An Educational Enhancement Opportunity must be requested in writing by the parent in advance and must be approved by the Principal. (EHO Form)  Each student is entitled to a total of ten days per school year. An EHO is in addition to the student’s ten parent notes for the school year.


What is an Armed Forces Day or a Rest and Recuperation Day?

Students of military families are entitled to one day of absence for a Military deployment of a parent and one day of absence for a parent returning from a Military deployment.  If a student's parent is currently deployed out of country, when the parent has R&R leave the student may have up to 10 days to spend with that parent.  Documentation is required for these absences to be approved.  Armed Forces Days and R&R Days are in addition to the student’s 6 parent notes for the school year.