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Lighthouse Family Resource Center


Lighthouse FRC


The Lighthouse Family Resource Center                                

      "Lighting the Way to Learning!"                                     


The Lighthouse FRC strives to remove any barriers (physical, emotional, mental, social, etc) that may interfere with a child's learning or his/her success in school so that an environment is created that allows children and families to feel empowered and successful.


FRC Hours :

Monday - Friday  7:30 am - 3:00 pm                                         

Located in Room #54 in Trigg County Primary/Trigg County Intermediate.



Ashley Hunter


Ashley Hunter, Coordinator 
Lighthouse FRC Phone: 270-522-2724                 


Beverly Curling


Beverly Curling, Assistant
Lighthouse FRC Phone: 270-522-2724                            


Services are available to ALL students, families, and staff.  Our services include: 

* Assistance with childcare
* Assistance with After-school and Summer Childcare
* Families in Training * Parent and Child Education 
* Health Services or Referral to Health Services


Our Family Resource Center at work!

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Dental Bus


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