Central Office Personnel

Last Updated: 10/6/2020 1:21 PM


Meet our staff:

Bill Thorpe
Bill Thorpe

Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott
Secretary to Superintendent/
Community Education Coordinator

Randy McCallon

Randy McCallon

Interim Assistant Superintendent of Instruction 

Denise Alexander
Denise Alexander -
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent
James Mangels
James Mangels -
Director of Student Services/Personnel
Penny Ellis
Penny Ellis -
Secretary to Director of Student Services/
Mandy Byrd
Mandy Byrd -
Director of Special Education

Heather Lyon

Heather Lyon

Front Desk Receptionist and

Secretary to the Director of Special Education

Holly Greene
Holly Greene -
District Finance Officer/Treasurer
Keana Hyde
Keana Hyde -
Assistant Treasurer
April Colson
April Colson - 
Benefits Specialist
Sherrie Heidel
Sherrie Heidel -
Attendance Specialist
Rory Fundora
Rory Fundora - 
Chief Information Officer
Jonathan Pepper
Jonathan Pepper -
Technology Support Manager
Michael Snodgrass
Michael Snodgrass -
Computer Technology Specialist
Faye Stevens
Faye Stevens - 
Instructional Supervisor


Cammie Evans
Cammie Evans - 
Career & Post Secondary Coordinator


Robin Ford-Stagner

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Rachel Potts
Rachel Potts - 
School Psychologist
Matt Ladd

Matt Ladd - 
Director of Operations